Who I am ?

A jewelry designer inspired by the ocean

In love with the wild landscapes, I chose the Presqu’île de Crozon (Finistère), to create my small company of handcrafted creation of jewels.

The Crozon Peninsula is for me the ideal place to develop new creations on a daily basis..
Sensitive to colors, as a painter at the origin, I feel the need to find harmonious agreements of colors for what I create.
The design and manufacture of jewelry have gradually taken precedence over my pictorial activity, but I continue, with the jewelry that I present to you, to take pleasure in associating shades and tones.

The ocean, the coast and Brittany in general, inspire me. That’s why I make my jewelry sets, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the collections “Grand Large”, “Estran” and “Tradition Bretonne”.

The “Grand Large” collection offers natural gemstones in shades of blue (from the deepest Lapis Lazuli, to the clearest Aquamarine), as well as mother of pearl, stainless steel or silver 925/1000 to evoke the foam.

The “Foreshore” collection presents creations in the colors of the seaside: green or gray tones remind us of the rocks covered with seaweed, or more brown like small crustaceans, or even lighter, like the varied sands of our beaches.

The “Breton Tradition” collection features more classical jewelry, accompanied by Celtic symbols.

Jewelry sets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bookmarks are undeniably “Tendance Océane” !

Shoulder bags or tote bags that make up my range of accessories are also handmade, and include, you guessed it … the visuals of my creations as a painter (paintings, oils, pastels mainly).

The materials I like to work with (abalone, authentic gemstones, mother of pearl,…), are selected with great care. For example, concerning the gemstones used: from jade to lapis lazuli, through aventurine, aquamarine, fluorite, apatite or sodalite, all are AA grade.
Simply because I want to put quality, delicacy and attention in my creations every day.

This to give you a real pleasure to wear them.
And that is finally my gift !

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