Jewelry Set Triskelion and White Nacre

Jewelry Set evoking Brittany with its famous Triskel, but also the white foam of the ocean.

This jelwelry set includes :

  • A pendant composed of a solid stainless steel triskel and a triple silver stainless steel chain.
  • Earrings made of real nacre of shell beads, wood and stainless steel beads.
  • A wristlet also made of real nacre beads, wood and stainless steel beads.

Our handcrafted jewelry is delivered to you in a lovely beige or midnight blue burlap bag (depending on availability) which will protect them.

These creations form a set and are not available individually.


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Handmade Crafts

Our jewelry is exclusively handmade, by us.

We start by choosing quality materials: noble materials such as genuine gemstones, authentic abalone, mother-of-pearl (ie nacre). But just as authentic and noble, although more “simple”, glass, wood, or stainless steel. Then we take particular care in the manufacture of each piece of jewelry, however long it takes to achieve a finish that will satisfy you.

Limited Editions

Finally, our jewelry and accessories, are made according to the inspiration of the moment and in limited editions of 30 copies.

Thus, it is a matter of very small series because we wish to privilege imagination and creativity. These two notions are dear to us and we take pleasure in expressing them when designing our creations.
A simple reproduction, duplication, medium or large scale has no sense for us and does not correspond to our research.

However and despite this, in order to satisfy many of you, we think that limiting the manufacture of each jewel and accessory to 30 copies maximum, is a correct choice.

A sort of “Club of 30”, if you will !

Additional Informations

  • Necklace :
    Diameter of triskel: approx. 2,8cm.
    Lenght of chain: approx. 53cm
  • Earrings :
    Elegant anti-allergic stainless steel hook.
    Total lenght : 5,5 cm
  • Bracelet :
    Silver magnetic clasp.
    Lenght : approx. 23cm
    Inner diameter : approx. 6,5cm
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